The end of Shannon Theater construction


Courtesy of the Phoenix

As many have seen, the C building was under construction for almost two years and is finally finished. Many students were able to have classes in the building at the start of this school year but one significant class was just recently able to return to their classroom: the Drama classes. They have been in a portable for the first semester of this school year and have been making the most of an unideal classroom space due to the theater still undergoing renovations. Fortunately, the theater just needs a few finishing touches meaning the classes are finally able to use the space. 

The theater was due for an upgrade and was the only school in the district without a black box classroom. This, as well as the C building being one of the oldest buildings on campus, prompted the district to begin construction. Many would not have known unless they drove past the school, as this was during online learning. Now, nearly two years later, the theater has an extended back, newly renovated facilities and much more space for costumes and props as well as a workshop for stagecraft. Because of these new renovations, the theater is now one of the most modern in the district

Now that the theater’s renovations are completed, the theater and drama program has been able to start rehearsals for their first in-person production since lockdown. 

“We have started rehearsals for High School Musical in the theater which is very exciting,” FHS drama teacher Tanya Misfeldt said. 

Another class that was impacted by the renovations in the C building was Stagecraft. Stagecraft is an elective that teaches behind-the-scenes work in theater. They normally work on set design, costumes, props and lighting. During the time that they were not able to be in the theater and workshop, they focused on certain aspects of stagecraft like publicity, costume design and creating props. Now that they are able to be in the theater, they can use the newly renovated workshop to explore new aspects of their class like using power tools to create sets and many other things. 

According to Misfeldt FHS students should come check out the new theater and see what the class is all about, and also wants to let people know that High School Musical will be performed on April 5, 6 and 7 for everyone to come and see. She also hopes to see more students join theater Drama classes as well as stagecraft. The theater will in the future hold many orchestra, band and choir performances during flex for all to enjoy.