The Eternals Review


Photo courtesy to Gamerant

   “Eternals” is about a group of special humanoid beings from Olympia that are tasked with taking out deviants by the Celestials. Celestials have unlimited cosmic power and fueled the eternals with celestial power. Deviants are a type of being that consumes other species for power. For example, say a deviant consumes a lion, it will then acquire the lion’s traits. The deviant will gain fangs and will become exceptionally fast for example. It can also consume humans but they do not actually gain many traits. However, if a deviant consumes an eternal it gains strength, more sense of thought and the power that the eternal has.

Eternals were made from Olympia to protect Earth from the deviants. Each of the Eternals have unique powers that can range from strength to changing entire elements like sand to water. Thena is a blonde female warrior who holds a spear and a secondary item. She is the goddess of war who has the power to make handheld weapons with cosmic energy. She believes in what is right and fiercely protects what she loves. There is the sprite, a female eternal who is a person who looks extremely young, yet is never able to change their appearance unless they intend to manipulate others They are able to form as any living thing, human to animal.They are a type of character who would go with her feelings than the facts. Makkari Is a deaf female eternal who has super speed. She is very outgoing and happy: she wants what is best for the team. Phasmos is a male eternal that can use cosmic power to create technology of any sort. There are no limitations as to what Phasmos can create. He loves his friends and family and tries to keep everyone together. Sersei is a female eternal that can transform anything on an atomic level. She can be serious when she wants to be and helps out when she knows when it is  best. Druig is a tall male who has the ability to control minds; he enters a romantic relationship with Makkari. Druig is extremely stubborn and has a hard time listening to others. Kingo is a male movie star that has the ability to shoot laser beams thanks to his celestial powers. He is  funny and a good person. Ajak is a female eternal that is the leader of the team with the power of extreme regeneration. She cares about how the world evolves and how her friends grow as individuals. She takes orders from the celestial to guide the team, They help protect humans from deviants so the human race for the celestials need for good. Ikaris is a loyal male soldier who takes pride in doing what the celestial tells him to do. Ikaris has the power to fly as well as the power to create very small illusions and has laser eyes. Gilgamesh is a male eternal whois a strong individual, the strongest among all the eternals. The eternals are sworn to protect Earth and not mess with the technology or process the humans have. The Eternals are not allowed to interfere with war, making cars, new technology, body enhancing for humans.


Eternals is a good movie. It has great comedy scenes and it really blends in as a Marvel movie. I recommend this movie on how the story unfolds , the characters and how they grow. It is a two hour and 30 minute movie so you can enjoy it a lot. It is  recommended for all audiences. The Marvel universe is getting better and better. Cannot wait to see what happens next.