20 year trends: the return of 2000s fashion


Photo Courtesy of marieclaire

Think back to the 2000s; back when people still used flip phones, the Harry Potter movies were coming out and the Black Eyed Peas were still popular. It was also a decade of questionable fashion choices, such as wearing dresses over jeans and having super-plucked eyebrows. If you were a fan of the no-eyebrow look, then you are in luck, because the 2000s are coming back!

Low-rise jeans and flared jeans were a closet staple in the 2000s. While the 2010s were all about skinny jeans, looser fits are more popular now. Some are excited to see these jeans back in style, but others wonder about the consequences of the trend. Low-rise jeans expose the wearer’s midriff, falling low on the hip area and emphasizing the stomach. In the 90s and 2000s, that exacerbated desires for a flat and toned tummy, a look unachievable for many. Having a person’s body type be a trend is a toxic idea that leaves many people feeling inadequate. Hopefully, this time around, we can ensure that people do not take on this pressure.

Another outfit that everyone wore in the early 2000s were Juicy Couture tracksuits. People loved the soft, colorful velour and sparkly rhinestone designs and wearing Juicy Couture became something to show off. The tracksuits’ association with celebrities like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan only increased its popularity. Plus, the price of the garment, which was $155, was relatively affordable for the average person, but still expensive enough to be seen as a luxury item. But in 2008, when the Great Recession hit, people suddenly stopped being so interested in wearing flashy logos and seeming wealthy, which led to the fall of the once ubiquitous tracksuit. However, due to the pandemic and people being at home all the time, people want more comfy clothing to wear, which has aided in the tracksuits’ recent rise in popularity.

2000s trends were very different from those in the 2010s, which is clear with the jewelry trends. In the past decade, people tended to opt for more dainty and minimalist pieces, but now chunky, colorful accessories are all the rage, similar to those from the 80s and 2000s. This comeback could be because people want to wear more lively and striking jewelry during what has been a trying and difficult time. The fun playfulness of this style is reminiscent of the carefreeness of childhood, a simpler time that many people are longing for during a pandemic.

So why do trends repeat? It has something to do with the 20-year fashion rule. That is when a trend comes out, becomes popular and eventually dies, only for it to return 20 years later. The 2000s were influenced by the 1980s, which was inspired by 1960s bohemian culture, with bright colors and flowy clothing. The styles that were so popular twenty years ago look new and fresh to young people today, who are too young to wear the fashions the first time around.

While the styles of the 2000s may be returning, it is up to you about whether you want to participate in the trends or not. The 2000s may be a nostalgic time, but it was also rife with fatphobia. The fashion catered mainly to thin individuals, leaving people out with other body types. Hopefully, this time these trends return, we can aim to be more inclusive to everyone so that we can all feel confident and happy.