Toxic part of communities

Toxic part of communities

Photo courtesy of Dream

Stans are commonly known as obsessive fans of a particular celebrity. Although some Dream stans are cool, most of the community is mostly known for their wild behavior or what some consider their “culture.” Let me take you on a trip of this toxic fanbase of Dream and let us see how these people defy common sense. Before we begin, who is Dream? Dream is a popular Minecraft youtuber that is known for his Minecraft content and mostly for his roleplaying in the Dream SMP. The Dream SMP is a Minecraft server that Dream himself started which features a wide array of other popular youtubers (constantly allowing a steady flow of big youtubers into the server was key as it brought their audiences with them). Eventually it gained major popularity and they began creating and executing storylines to keep viewers engaged. 

This toxic fanbase of Dream is often known for their beliefs called “Dreamsexual.”  According to a couple of sources from various YouTube videos, “Dreamsexual” was first introduced by a Discord user in Dream’s Discord server. “I just feel him as a person, he understands me, and people like me more than everyone else,” the Discord user said during the video chat.  This quote is what started the Dreamsexual community: a terrible community.

This Dreamsexual community is known for their racial and homophobic posts on Twitter. For example, Twitter user Julica | Dreamsexual & Dreamgender lives her life by making controversial posts. One example of this was on Jan. 27, 2022: “Maybe if they stanned Dream the results would’ve been different,” Julia said in a tweet showing a statue that shows Kobe Bryant.  Additionally, she followed up the tweet by showcasing a picture of GeorgeNotFound (another Youtuber that is friends with Dream and is usually shipped with him. and a pile of ashes that represents Kobe Bryant: “George 2022 vs Kobe 2022,” Julia said in another tweet. 

As a brother of a Kobe Bryant fan, I am livid that she tweets posts that involve a person endeared by millions of fans. She is not the only one who tweets multiple posts that are controversial: there are other users with the same behaviors like Dweamytwoo, Dreamy (Dreamsexual & Dreamgender), Dre/MYTC (Dreamsexual & Dreamgender) and many more. These “idols” in the communities are constantly getting what they deserve — some are getting removed due to atrocious posts — but most are still tweeting. At this point, the best way to get rid of this community is to block them and report them for their aggressive tweets on every social media platform. So in conclusion, the dreamsexual community is downright bad.