The 100 series finale review

Warning: spoilers ahead


The popular CW Television show, The 100 released it’s last and final episode on the 30th of September. The show consists of seven seasons, and after six long years of absolute thrill and excitement it has finally come to an end.

The 100 follows a group of a hundred juvenile delinquents that are sent to Earth, 97 years after a nuclear explosion wiped out civilization. The only survivors were people from twelve space stations, one of which these delinquents are from. The few main characters include Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor), Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley), Octavia Blake (Marie Avgeropoulos), Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan), John Murphy (Richard Harmon) and more. Along the way, the group encounters certain threats and challenges which are equally dangerous yet thrilling to watch.

In the season finale of season 6, it ends with Octavia being taken into a green flame looking energy, which left all the fans puzzled and confused.

In season 7, we discover that this is known as the ‘anomaly’ which one can understand as a planet hopping machine. There are certain ‘stones’ on each planet in the universe, and when the right code is put in, the anomaly appears and one can go from one planet to another. Time works differently on different planets, though the anomaly is not really a time machine, it is more like a bridge connecting the different planets. As they discover what this anomaly is, a few of the characters end up in a place known as Bardo, in which they meet the leader named, Bill Cadogan. Bill Cadogan wanted to run a test that would determine the fate of humanity, which the group were against. This test would determine if a person’s soul would transcend or be eliminated. In the final episode we see few of the characters take the test, in which a judge determines whether or not you would transcend. The judge would ask the person questions and if they would answer all truthfully, they would transcend. The group goes through various challenges, but emerge triumphant at the end.

I have been following The 100 for about four years now, and it will always remain one of my favorite TV shows. These characters have definitely had an effect on me growing up, especially Octavia Blake, who is portrayed as a very strong and powerful woman.This show also has a lot of diversity and LGBTQ represenation, which is very important in today’s society. Many shows generally get progressively worse but I think The 100 was one that got progressively better. The characters are absolutely amazing, and the storyline kept getting better. If you are bored in quarantine, this is just the show to binge!